Uniquely Paired Meals and Beers

One of your favorite moments in life is unwinding with a nice, fresh beer? Or perhaps you enjoy simply sipping a beer from time to time to quench your thirst. But what if you were to actually drink a beer slowly to enjoy the taste, like a good wine? What about savouring the flavours of a new beer with each course served in a restaurant? Enjoy wheat, red, dark or black beer. Sip ale, lambic or lager. Try top fermented, bottom fermented and spontaneously fermented beer.  Beers with varying degrees of alcohol content are here for your enjoyment as well. Our advice for you today is to come discover the Mets-Bière meal at Bloempot, where you will be surprised by the luxuriousness and harmony of this experience. These meals will be enjoyed by both men and women alike, and we are certain you will be entirely won over by the idea once you have given it a try. Just wait and see — as your very unique and pleasantly surprising dinner begins to wind down, you will be most certainly asking yourselves when you’ll be able to come back for another such event.

Meal and Beer pairing menu at the Bloempot – Meals created by Florent Ladeyn and Beer pairing by Kevin Rolland

Creamed parsnip sauce served over rutabaga and pumpkin seeds 

Smoked goat’s cheese, bread crumble, sesame seeds with burnet and chickweed greens

Cream of endive soup served with scallops and roasted hazelnuts

Beer paired : Oude Gueuze (Hanssens) 

A lager beer with woody aromas and delicate notes of citrus.  Alcohol content: 6°. Woody notes in the mouth, followed by a delicate acidity.




Pata Negra ham, Jerusalem artichokes, purslane and smoked eel  

Foamed Maroille cheese crispy bacon

Beer paired : XI.I (Lancelot)

A dark, mythical beer, brewed on Samhain night, the Celtic New Year. Alcohol level of 11,1%  (11th month, 1st day).  Delicate aromas of plumb, caramel, fig and grape.



bloempot-biere-XI.IPear mousse, crème caramel prepared as a crème brûlée
Cream puffs prepared with lemon and bay leaves

Beer paired : Bommen & Granaten (De Molen)

A Barley Wine with aromas of caramel and candied fruits. High alcohol content: 15°. A flavour combining fruity orange notes with mandarin and apple, but also a hint of cherry. The combination results in a quite light and non bitter beer.




22 rue des Bouchers, Lille
Reservation only by : www.bloempot.fr

Tasting at the Bar La Capsule
25 rue des 3 Mollettes in Lille

For sale at Abbaye des Saveurs
13 rue des Vieux Murs in Lille

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