The Joyous Cantine

Bloempot-menuTucked away in the back of a courtyard in the Vieux-Lille neighbourhood, this cantine-style restaurant is causing a great stir in the city. Welcome to the Bloempot, a very discreet restaurant hidden behind a blue door, with no shop sign out front, and no telephone number for potential diners to dial. This brand-new restaurant is run by Florent Ladeyn and Kevin Rolland, long-time best friends accompanied by a young and dynamic team made up of Antoine Dodergnies, Thibault Drouart, Damien Laforce and Antoine Davioud. This group is both efficient and laid-back, much like its chef, Florent Ladeyn, finalist in the French Top Chef 2013 televised competition. Before moving to Lille, Ladeyn drove France wild with Flemish cuisine served up at his Auberge du Vert-Mont. Now this great chef has brought his taste for all things natural to Lille, with his new cantine established in a workshop renovated to reflect his image: cool, zen, authentic, warm and welcoming.

Bloempot-lille-tableBut don’t get the wrong impression, the true star here is the product, which is respected, pampered, served based on the seasons, and purchased from small, local producers from both sides of the border. As a matter of fact, you might say that it’s these producers who create the daily menu, as there is no written menu, and only the local vegetable markets determining the evening’s meal. Pork from Pitgam, fresh scallops from Dunkerque, pigeon from Steenvoorde, turnips from Bailleul, beets from Boeschepe and wood sorrel plucked from the gardens of Vert-Mont. Local, fresh, organic, even biodynamic foods, resulting in a responsible, wild, instinctive and delicate cuisine. Diners will delight in not-well known yet bountiful local products: delectable turnips served with honey and aged beef, scallops and beets to die for. Pears wrapped in walnuts and keinaar cheese. An apple tatin pie with caramel and fleur de sel cream. Wines and beers perfectly matched with your meal. Sincerity, audacity, talent and happiness. Look no further, because this Flemish cantine is simply pure joy!



22 Rue des Bouchers, Lille
Reservations by internet only:
Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings
Lunch on weekdays: Meal at 19.50 € or 25 €
Evenings and weekends :
Menu 1 : 34 € or 50 € with drinks included
Menu 2 : 40 € or 60 € with drinks included
Menu 3 : 50 € or 80 € with drinks included

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