A Brooklyn-Style Bar and Hostel

It’s 7:00 PM, and whether you’re perched on a bar stool or curled up in a leather armchair, you’ve placed your order from the dozen or so draught beers on the menu. As you look around the bar you notice that the decor has a trendy, factory feel while remaining warm and friendly. There’s a contrasting mix of wooden tables, mismatched armchairs, and an oversized metallic spotlight shining onto the brick wall at the back of the room. Gastorama’s bar radiates a relaxed New York bar feel, heated up with the sounds of pop and world music floating through the air. The atmosphere here is simply fabulous! This is exactly the kind of place that has been missing in Lille: stylish, yet very relaxed and unpretentious. Customers place their orders at the bar and then head back once again to pick up their drinks. Nice and laid back, we tell you! In addition, when you start to listen in to the conversations around, you’ll hear many more languages than just French. This is to be expected, of course, since you’re in a cosmopolitan youth hostel – the very first in this region of France!  Opened just this past November, Gastama is ideally situated in the Vieux-Lille neighbourhood and offers rooms to meet everyone’s individual style and budget: from private to dormitory-style rooms, single rooms or double rooms, or even rooms to be shared with groups of friends or family. We also discovered that Gastama means “hospitable” in the universal language of Esperanto, which is entirely fitting for this hostel whose common areas exude a feeling of well being and hospitality. Gastama boasts a kitchen, living room with telly and library, outdoor terraces, laundry area, media-room, free Wi-Fi, and a reception that’s open 24h/7. And with the bar open to the public at the end of the day, there is a fabulous mix of Lille locals and tourists passing through town, making us all feel like cast members on some fabulous international movie set. There is simply no better place in Lille to have such an excitingly international evening.


109 rue Saint-André, Lille

Tel: 03 20 06 06 80


Rooms starting at €30 per person (for 2, 3 or 4) – Dorm rooms starting at €20 per person (for 4, 6 or 8 – mixed dorm rooms or girls only)

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