Long tables for the diners, worn-zinc tops, reclaimed furniture, raw wood and distressed leather all create a vintage, chic and subdued atmosphere: you are in the brand new hideout on the rue Saint-André. We’ve waited a long time for this wine bar, just opened a month ago by Fred Challe (Pessoa restaurant). Authentic, welcoming and stylish, this bar reflects its manager perfectly. As is to be expected, he focuses on the essential: a beautiful selection of natural wines, to be ordered by the glass or bottle. Vallée du Rhône, Loire, Bourgogne, Languedoc, Mathilde the sommelier, previously at Atelier Robuchon, knows exactly how to describe them all to you. The greatest part is when your wine is served from a decanter. Should you want to nibble between two sips, you will find exceptional fare served on sumptuous boards chock-full of delicacies: Frères Delassic cheeses, Eric Ospital cold cuts, Emmanuel Chavassieux dried sausage. Another truly excellent idea you will discover here is the the comeback of the famous yet simple French baguette ham-and-butter sandwich. Artisinal ham from Yves Leguel on homemade bread from Brier, served with a little glass of wine; what could be more perfect for lunch? Nightfall slips in and you’re feeling great. The wine has started having its warming effect on you and you’ve even started up a conversation with your table-neighbors. It’s going to be tough to head home.

36 Rue Saint André in Lille
Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday through Friday
Saturday and Sunday evenings from 7:00 pm
Closed Mondays
Tel : 03 20 51 83 73

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