Drink a Shot with Lenin

The break up of the Soviet Union, the end of Marxism, the KGB dismantled… Don’t be fooled by appearances, the spirit of Communism is alive and well. Welcome to Le Kremlin, an authentic Soviet-Polish bar that has survived all the revolutions of the past 30 years. An atmosphere of conspiracy is omnipresent here, even before you walk through the door. Tucked away down a narrow little street in historic Vieux Lille, this is not an easy watering hole to find. Once inside, visitors are surrounded by reminders of the USSR: red is the main colour of the room, the lights are dim, words are written in Cyrillic letters on the walls, hammers and sickles adorn the chairs, and a bust of Lenin (of course) looks over the room from above the counter top. It’s as if you’re suddenly in Stalingrad. Order a vodka and it will come in a frosted glass, not on ice. Your choice of vodkas is vast, with some 50 flavors to pick from: white, sweet, fruited, with herbs or spiced, plum, pear, cherry, peppered mint, nettle, honey, gold flakes. If the decision is too hard to make then the tasting-tray will help you out. A few shots later you’ll be enjoying the feeling of Olstagia (nostalgia for the Eastern Block), rewriting history with Fred, the inexhaustible man in charge and an illustrious specialist of Polish origin. What’s more, the bar has yet to experience the effects of 1980s Perestroika: the old wall-phone is still working, and the credit card machine is non existent. We won’t complain though, because the prices remain very democratic. It’s all about the Slavic charm…


Open every day from de 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM

51 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Lille

Tel: 03 20 51 85 79

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