Not your Grandma’s Jam Anymore

Chambre-aux-confitures-potsBreakfast was a wonderful thing when we were kids. We could stumble into the kitchen half asleep and find a warm hot chocolate waiting for us on the table. We’d sit down and delight in the toast prepared for us, our lips smeared in Grandma’s home-made jam. Breakfasts today, though, can still be just as fabulous. Perched up on a bar stool in the kitchen, the steam from our coffee mug teasing our nostrils, we bite into a piece of toasted baguette smothered in a delicious fraise à la rose jam (strawberry and rose). Yesterday you tried poires-noisettes (pear-hazelnut). And tomorrow you’ll be enjoying mangue-coco-choco (mango-coconut-chocolate). One day soon it will be the famous framboise au champagne (raspberry and Champagne). What’s changed exactly about jams since you were a kid? They’re no longer made by Grandma, but by a new gourmet jam boutique: la Chambre aux Confitures. Every aspect of this little jam producer is top quality, from the fabrication of high-end jams to the friendly customer service.

Chambre-aux-confitures-etageresEven the display is gorgeous, making the boutique a veritable showcase, with its blond wood shelves beautifully lined with hundreds of well-organised jars, creating a very fashionable and modern feel. You’re greeted here with a warm welcome, and the staff will happily have you taste every jam you desire! Try whatever tickles your fancy, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the flavour combinations. The myriad tastes are classified by themes such as Seasonal Fruits, Naughty and Chocolaty, Sweet and Salty, and Honey, creating combinations that can be classic or surprising, but never disappointing. You’ll also want to try the confits à fromage, which come in cherry and hot chillis or spicy pineapple. There are also flavours including the Gelée de géranium (geranium jelly), which is to die for! Care, quality and selection: all ingredients come from small producers and artisans and are made without any preservatives. All fruits are plucked when fully ripe, allowing for less sugar to be added to the jam itself. In addition, the jars are very attractive and presented in a lovely box, making them a beautiful gift to offer friends or family.

12 rue Esquermoise, Lille
From Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Sundays from 10:00 AM to 1:00


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