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So you’ve always wanted to learn to cook real Japonese food even though you’ve never had the chance to travel to the land of the rising sun? No need to look any further, as we’ve found Kiyomi et Clara, two incredible cooks ready to share all their best-kept Japanese cooking secrets. Kiyomi and Clara offer Japanese cooking classes regularly each month, with some classes for absolute beginners and others for those wishing to perfect the art. Whether it’s a class on miso soup, maki sushi rolls, sautéed noudles, raviolis, or even how to make your own Bento (single-portion, home-packed Japanese meal), there is most certainly a class to suit your taste! There are even fun-filled classes for kids to learn how to cook Japanese meals as well. In a period of two hours Kiyomi and Clara will get you started in the traditional culinary art of Japanese cooking, teach you about Japanese culture, and even share their advice on how to best roll makis or cook Japanese rice to perfection. Meals are prepared in an easy-going and friendly atmosphere before all participants sit down to enjoy the meal together. At the end of your class you will receive a booklet with the day’s recipe carefully noted in it. A fine selection of food items necessary for you to recreate the meal is also on hand for you to purchase and bring home with you! Just wait until you impress your coworkers with your Bento during your next lunch break at the office, and we bet your friends going to love your home-made rice “just like in Tokyo” at your next dinner party. Arigatō Kiyomi and Clara !

Japanese cooking lessons
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  • April 15, 2013
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