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A shop making draperies decides to switch gears and make pastries. Quite an ambitious undertaking you wouldn’t you say? Well, it actually took three centuries for the most famous shop in Lille to make the switch. In 1761 a famous cloth merchant at the time, Monsieur Delecour, had the crazy idea to transform his shop on 27 de la rue Esquermoise into a sweet shop, making his own liqueurs and chocolates. Over the centuries, and a series of owners, the shop was transformed into today’s Méert, one of France’s most renowned pâtisseries. This amazing cake shop is considered number one of its kind by many of the best in the industry, including many beyond our borders. Méert is most definitely the first stop for both French and foreign visitors to Lille. Oddly, no book had been dedicated to this fascinating shop – until now. A new box set of two beautifully illustrated books has been published recently. The first book details the fascinating saga of the Méert business, while the second divulges roughly fifty recipes of both savoury and sweet goodies that have built the reputation of the shop. Will you find the recipe in here for their legendary waffles made with Madagascar vanilla so jealously guarded since its creation in 1849 ? All right, we won’t keep you waiting anymore: the mystery is finally unveiled!

« Gaufres & autres délices » by Corinne Vanmerris
and « Méert, une histoire de gourmandise » by Véra Dupuis et Geoffroy Deffrennes
Photography by Jean-François Mallet
Published by du Chêne – 29.95 euros
Text published in French only

MEERT Pâtisserie and Tearoom
27 rue Esquermoise à Lille

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