Bistronomic !

Typical bistros too old-fashioned for you? And gastronomic restaurants too expensive? Time to try out the latest craze: a gastronomic bistro! These restaurants offer delicious and beautifully presented meals that won’t break your piggy bank. Head on over to the town of Marcq en Baroeul and enjoy a meal in the brand new beautiful Trademark restaurant. Watch out though – you might get addicted to the experience. At the Trademark guests can enjoy a fabulous meal of molecular gastronomy for under €35. The number one priority in this restaurant is the produce, which changes with the seasons. The young chef’s choice of menu is made known daily up on the restaurant chalkboard. Whether it’s the duck tartar or fresh cod on a bed of root vegetables, the meals are creative, delicious, simple and always fresh. In short: wonderful. From the bar to the restaurant, or even outdoors on the covered terrace, guests can relax in a laid-back lounge atmosphere. Anything else? Oh, yes, plenty of free smiles with your meal. And there you have it; you’ve found your new HQ.


146 Bd Clémenceau à Marcq en Baroeul

Tel: 03 20 66 09 22

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