In the Lap of Luxury…

Imagine standing in an elegant French apartment as if time has stood still. Now look around and you’ll appreciate the entire feel of the room: original molding on the ceiling, ageless wooden floors and antique furniture. A magnificent bouquet sits prominently in the center of the room, while the scent of face powder and iris delicately envelops you. The room is filled with superb perfume bottles, scented candles, creams and lotions. It’s as if you’ve entered a poem by Beaudelaire: “here, nothing but order, beauty, luxury, peace and sweetest pleasure”. It’s all so beautiful that you certainly don’t want this dream to end…Suddenly you open your eyes and realize you were awake all along! You’re in a timeless and intimate boudoir created in Vieux-Lille by Frédéric and Sébastien. This is the meeting place for top perfumers and cosmetic creators showcasing authentic, original and elegant fragrances, sophisticated and rare perfumes as well as exclusive brands. This location is a well-kept secret, with only the most fashionable perfume houses aloud to partake. Think Frédéric Malle, Penhaligon’s, Miller Harris, Tom Ford, Annick Goutal, Arquiste, ByRedo, etc. The fragrances here are all works of art bringing back childhood memories, reminding us of travels we’ve made in the past or simply of delightful moments through our lives. While soaking in the luxury of your surroundings you will test out the next fragrance you’ll be wearing as your signature perfume. This is surely where you will find that fragrance that will turn you into someone utterly unforgettable.

4 rue Masurel, Lille
Tel : 03 20 31 71 90

  • January 16, 2013
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