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You prefer everything that is real, authentic. Your motto? Focus on the essential. Well that works out to be perfect, as there’s a new restaurant in town that you will absolutely love. It’s the Pessoa! Run by Fred Challe, this restaurant’s doors opened in December on rue Sant-André, in the Vieux-Lille neighbourhood. The cooks here get straight to the point: meals are natural and pure, prepared with extra-fresh produce, resulting in intense, full flavours. The up-and-coming chef from Lille, Nicolas Choquet, is in charge of orchestrating the flavour, while his Iberian (Basque-Portuguese) influences galvanize the entire menu. Octopus, scallops, mackerel, razor clams, cod, scorpion fish, bass, squid, whelk…nothing but the freshest sea food brought in directly from the fishing ports in the north of France. Consequently, the menu at Le Pessoa changes daily, based on the morning’s catch. As for the selection of meats, you’ll find pork Ibaïona, venresca pork belly, or pork lepoa, all delivered directly from the legendary Basque butcher Louis Ospital. If you prefer beef, however, the restaurant offers the most tender Coutancie beef from the French Périgord region as well as delicious Salers beef from France’s Massif Central. To top things off, the wine menu offers up French and Portuguese wines from small, exclusive vineyards. Even the chic yet unpretentious decor of the restaurant respects the culinary spirit of this contemporary bistro. “Put all you are into the smallest thing you do,” wrote the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa. Clearly this restaurant, named after the great writer, lives up to its name. Muito obrigado!

palourdes-pessoapoulpe-pessoaCouteau-PessoaMorgon Lapierre-PessoaRiz au lait et fruits rotis-pessoa


37 rue Saint-André in Lille
03 28 52 40 68
Open from Tuesday through Saturday, lunch and dinner
Reservation strongly recommended

Lunch : Menus 19€ and 24€
Dinner : Menus 24€ and 36€

Photos @Fred Challe

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