The Gate of Roubaix

To the northeast of Lille, The Roubaix Gate (la Porte de Roubaix) is situated on Saint-Hubert Square, overlooking Matisse Park. The gate can be found near the Lille-Europe and Lille-Flandres train stations. Built by master bricklayers Michel Watrelos et Jean Lesur in 1620, the gate was originally named the Reignaux Gate, and then Saint-Maurice Gate. The Gate of Roubaix is today one of the last remaining sections of Lille’s city walls. Built along with an extension to the city’s surrounding wall during the golden age of archdukes Albert and Isabelle, governors of the Netherlands, the gate was later preserved and reinforced by Vauban, when the city’s fortifications were reconfigured, beginning in 1668. Not as well known as the gate in Ghent, Belgium, and in worse condition than that of Paris, the Gate of Roubaix saw two side arches drilled through it in 1875 to allow city trams to pass through. In 1929 the gate was classified as a historic monument. In anticipation of the events celebrating Lille’s title as European Capital of Culture, this gate to the city was entirely renovated in 2004.

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