Lunch Break in NYC

Feel like taking a little trip to the Big Apple and back? Yellow cabs, sky scrapers, sidewalk cafés, hamburgers and more… Well, before you next get the chance to stroll down the streets of New York, you can set your sites on the new business neighbourhood of Eurallile 2 (near the Conseil Général) for a lunch break at Hoover Garden. Entering the restaurant you are struck by the beauty and light of this spacious and trendy eatery: brick walls, sheets of rusted metal, aluminium hanging lamps, large bay windows, it’s all there! On the menu you’ll find generous-sized burgers, tartars made of Charolais beef, salads, brunch-style toasts and spreads, or platters of goodies to snack on. You must not, however, forget to leave enough room for the very delectable “café gourmand”! And David, the man in charge, is as efficient, open and laid back as his restaurant.  God bless America !

463 Boulevard Hoover in Lille
Tel : 03 20 49 29 64
Open from Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner

  • February 17, 2013
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