Summer is Two Giant Steps Away

jardin-géants-terrasseSpringtime, with its frequent rain showers, is the best time for spring cleaning at home. The only thing is that for you, deep down, it’s already summer. Well, we’ve got good news for you then, because the days are getting longer, the sun has finally decided to come out to play, and one of the most confidential hotspots in France is just waiting for you to show up! Hurry on over to By S’, situated within the Jardin des Géants public park. This is a veritable secret garden of a spot, nestled between Lille and La Madeleine. You might need to get there good and early to be seated at a table outdoors, but it’s worth it. Enjoy a chilled rosé or a fresh salad while comfortably settled into an armchair, all while marveling at the decor that surrounds you. This little restaurant is enveloped by countless plants laid out in carefully orchestrated disarray. Small canals bordering wooden walkways, little unexpected nooks and crannies throughout, a bench here, a gazebo there. Not to mention a number of enormous, woven wicker heads punctuating your stroll, as if to welcome you along the way. Off in the distance you can make out the Euralille towers, but here you’re surrounded by harmony and serenity. Le jardin des Géants is an extraordinary garden; it is nothing short of a mirage. Time stands still and calm reigns throughout. Clearly summertime will be better for some than for others this year.

Rue de la Communauté (continuation of Ave. Foubert) at La Madeleine
Entrances : Avenue Foubert – Boulevard Victor Basch – Rue du Ballon
Tel. 03 20 06 25 25
Open daily from 10:30 AM to sunset (No later than 9:00 PM)

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